Mosquito Control

Among the most annoying pests in the summer season are mosquitoes. They tend to be most prevalent in the mornings and evenings and are attracted to most animals, including humans. Not only are their bites unpleasant, mosquitoes can also carry disease.

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in water, which is often stagnant, and the eggs usually survive through the winter to emerge as mosquitoes in the spring. They tend to be around for most of the warm weather months.

To help you cope with a mosquito invasion during the mosquito season, which runs from April through October, we will treat your entire yard with a product that reduces the mosquito population by means of a growth regulator that curbs mosquito breeding. The equipment we use to cut down on the breeding resembles a leaf blower. We use it to spray a fog in areas in which the mosquitoes hide when the sun is out. Usually this involves plants and shrubs.

We suggest you buy a year’s service which will get you through the summer season.

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